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Every piece caries a precious story. Which is as unique as you are.

Looking for a bespoke engagement ring that is one-of-a-kind? Our jewellery is made to order and designed specifically for you. Trust us to create the perfect ring to symbolize your love.

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Ring Catalogue offers a wide range of exquisite rings such as yellow sapphire, ruby, blue sapphire, emerald, and diamond. Our rings are crafted with precision and elegance, showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of each gemstone. We believe that every ring should not only be a piece of jewellery, but also a symbol of love, commitment and style. With our commitment to quality, you can trust that every piece in our catalogue is a masterpiece that will last a lifetime.

Diamond Rings is a premium jewellery brand that offers a range of dazzling diamond rings for every occasion. Our collection includes 3 Stone Diamond Ring, Solitaire Diamond Ring, Side Stone Diamond Ring, Halo Diamond Ring and more to choose from. Each piece is expertly crafted by our skilled artisans to ensure the highest quality. We use only the finest diamonds and precious metals to create our stunning collection of rings. With Diamond Rings, you can be sure to find the perfect ring that will make any occasion a memorable one.

Different types of Engagement and Wedding Rings we Sell?

When it comes to engagement and wedding rings, there are numerous options to choose from that cater to different tastes and preferences. Here are some popular types of engagement and wedding rings:

1. Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring:

A yellow sapphire engagement ring features a yellow sapphire gemstone as the centre stone. This vibrant and eye-catching gemstone adds a unique touch to the ring.

2. Yellow Sapphire Eternity Ring:

Similar to the engagement ring, a yellow sapphire eternity ring features yellow sapphire gemstones set all around the band. This creates a continuous line of sparkling yellow sapphires.

3. Solitaire Diamond Ring:

A solitaire diamond ring is a classic choice that features a single diamond as the centrepiece. This timeless design emphasizes the beauty and brilliance of the diamond.

4. Side Stone Ring:

A side stone ring showcases a centre stone, typically a diamond, complemented by smaller gemstones or diamonds on either side. This style adds extra sparkle and enhances the overall look of the ring.

5. Ruby Ring:

Ruby rings are known for their rich red colour and symbolize passion and love. They make a bold statement and are a popular choice for those seeking a vibrant and unique engagement or wedding ring.

6. Ruby Eternity Ring:

Similar to the yellow sapphire eternity ring, a ruby eternity ring features ruby gemstones set all around the band. This creates a continuous circle of stunning red rubies.

7. Round Yellow Sapphire Ring:

This type of ring features a round-cut yellow sapphire as the centrepiece. The round shape enhances the brilliance and overall appeal of the gemstone.

8. Round Ruby Ring:

A round ruby ring showcases a round-cut ruby as the centre stone. This style highlights the vivid red colour and beauty of the ruby.

9. Round Emerald Ring:

An engagement or wedding ring with a round-cut emerald as the centrepiece offers a classic and elegant look. The green hue of the emerald adds a touch of sophistication.

10. Round Diamond Ring:

A round diamond ring is one of the most popular choices for engagement rings. The round-cut diamond offers exceptional brilliance and is a timeless and versatile option.

11. Round Blue Sapphire Ring:

A round blue sapphire ring features a round-cut blue sapphire as the centre stone. This captivating gemstone adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the ring.

12. Lab Grown Diamond Ring:

Lab-grown diamonds are becoming increasingly popular due to their ethical and eco-friendly nature. These diamonds have the same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds and offer a more affordable option.

13. Halo Diamond Ring:

A halo diamond ring features a centre diamond surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, creating a stunning and glamorous look. This style adds extra sparkle and enhances the overall appearance of the ring.

14. Gemstone Ring:

Apart from traditional diamond rings, there are various gemstone options available for engagement and wedding rings. Popular gemstones include sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and more, each offering its unique colour and symbolism.

When choosing an engagement or wedding ring, consider personal preferences, budget, and the significance of the chosen gemstone or design. Whether you opt for a classic solitaire diamond ring or a vibrant gemstone ring, the options are plentiful to find the perfect ring that symbolizes your love and commitment.


We make high-quality, handcrafted jewellery for over a decade, having the same passion & values!

Bespoke Jewellery offers unparalleled craftsmanship with a stunning collection of engagement rings, eternity rings, and gemstone rings. Our jewellery is made with high-quality materials and attention to detail to ensure that each piece is unique and timeless. With Bespoke Jewellery, you can customize your jewellery to your exact specifications, making it truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you are looking for a gift or something special for yourself, our beautiful, handcrafted jewellery is the perfect choice.

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Looking for high-quality gold jewellery? Check out our collection of rings in various shades of gold, including yellow and rose. Each piece is crafted with precision and designed to be a timeless addition to any jewellery collection. Shop now and find the perfect piece to add to your collection today!

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Platinum Jewellery offers an amazing collection of rings that you will fall in love with. Our rings come in all shapes and sizes, so whether you are looking for something special for yourself or someone else, we have you covered. Browse our selection today and find the perfect ring!

Palladium Jewellery

Looking for unique and beautiful rings? Palladium Jewellery has an excellent collection of rings to choose from. With a wide variety of styles and designs, we're sure you'll find the perfect ring to match your personality and style. Check out our collection today and find your perfect ring!

High-Quality, Bespoke Jewellery Jewellery

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Premier Jewellers is a high-end jewellery brand that specializes in bespoke jewellery designs and creations. We offer a unique experience where you can work with our expert designers to create a custom piece that perfectly captures your vision. Our craftsmanship is unparalleled, and we use only the finest materials to create timeless pieces that are sure to be cherished for generations to come. Whether you desire a stunning engagement ring, an elegant necklace, or a statement-making bracelet, Premier Jewellers is your destination for bespoke jewellery that is as unique as you are.

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All of our diamond jewellery is handmade. Depending on certain factors, production times may vary. However, the list below gives a better indication of how long each item takes to create.

Solitaire Items

Solitaire items. Solitaire Engagement Rings, Diamond Stud Earrings, Solitaire Pendants – Approximately 2-3 Business Weeks*

Multi Stone Jewellery

Shoulder Rings, Halo Rings, Bridal Rings, Trilogy Rings, Eternity Rings, Diamond Wedding Bands – Approximately 3-4 Business Weeks*

Diamond Bracelets, Bangles and more

Please allow approximately 5-6 business weeks for diamond bracelets, bangles and other multi-stone jewellery*

Stock Items

Delivery time for in-stock items is approximately 3-5 business days, depending on payment method. Contact us for details*

*All diamond jewellery creation times are approximate. We will always try to deliver within these timeframes. However, since each item is handmade one by one, delivery times may vary slightly. We will keep you informed of any changes. Diamond Haven accepts no responsibility for changes in delivery times

Premier Jewellers offers free delivery on all jewellery purchases to all UK based customers. Our jewellery will be sent to you by Royal Mail special next day delivery. Your item is fully insured in transit and must be signed upon delivery. Make sure you or someone you trust can be present and sign the item. If you are not at the address at the time of delivery, your package will be forwarded to your local sorting station. I will keep your business card.

The first step you should take is to check our inventory range. We have thousands of items available for our “Fast Shipping” service, which can be delivered within one business week.

If you need an item by a certain date, please let your sales representative know in-store or, if ordering online, check your email for your order number and inform us by email.

Please note that this may not be possible depending on your specific requirements. However, we will continue to keep our customers informed and try our best to delivery at the requested date.

Our customers can arrange collection at any of our branches. This can be done at the shopping cart stage of your purchase or by emailing for your chosen date.

Please Note: You must present your order invoice and ID upon collection. If you do not present it, you will not be able to bring the product. If collection is not arranged, it cannot be taken home. It is possible to collect from Monday to Saturday. Pickups are generally not possible on Sundays.


In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the product, you are entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee from the date you receive your jewellery. The same applies to defective products. We also give our customers the option to exchange the product if they find something else they like.

Please Note: This guarantee is for Online purchase not in-store purchasing.

Please contact us at and let us know that you would like to return the item.

You will receive a return number. We will also email you a return form to complete. You can also attach a cover letter if desired.

Make sure your package destination is:

Premier Jewellers

5Hatton Garden

London EC1N 8AA

Merchandise must be returned in its original packaging and with all original documentation. Failure to return the package or other documentation may result in a delay in your refund or a reduction in the refund amount.

After completing these steps, please return the item to us using a reputable postal service or courier. Please note that you are responsible for return shipping costs and an appropriate amount of merchandise insurance in transit. Diamond Heaven is not responsible for any loss or damage in transit to us.

Please send an email with the shipping date and tracking number to so we can track your package. As soon as the product arrives at our shop, we will confirm the return or exchange by e-mail.

*Please do not write “Diamond” in the shipping address.

After receiving the returned item, our returns department will inspect the item before refunding. Refunds are not available if the item shows signs of wear, is damaged, has been resized by another jewellery store, or has been mishandled in any way.

Refunds will not be accepted for items that are missing diamonds or have damage that the customer is unaware of. Our artisans are among the nation’s most qualified jewelers and all items are thoroughly inspected before dispatch.

Once the return is approved, it may take him 8-10 business days for the funds to appear in his/her account.

If you are unsure if your purchase qualifies for our 30 day money back guarantee, please contact us at or 02074047473.

Bespoke Items – Specially ordered jewellery is non-refundable. If during your work, there were several points where you needed to approve the CAD design and make changes.

Engraved Items – Engraved jewellery is personalized, cannot be resold and is not eligible for refunds.

Worn or Damaged items- Any jewellery that has been clearly worn or has suffered damage, whatever that may be whilst in your possession.


Premier Jewellers has been trading for over 25 years in Hatton Garden

All our jewellery is handmade in the Hatton Garden to your personal requirements. Every thing is made inhouse in our work shop.

We are currently located in 5 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8AA. We are 2 minute walk from Chancery Lane Tube Station.

No Booking Needed, you can just walk-in. However, whilst it is not necessary to book an appointment, if you have a specific item you would like to view, we recommend making a booking to ensure we have your desired item in store to view.

All of our stores stock large quantities of all certified and natural & Lab-Grown diamonds for your viewing. However its better to get in touch if you would like to see a specific item.

After Sales Care?

Our workshop in the Hatton Garden, London offers a comprehensive aftercare plan. We inspect and evaluate your jewellery purchase for free, and we can polish/calibrate/repair your jewellery on a regular basis for a small fee.

Yes you can, please do get in touch with our team.

Please contact your local store or website team. There is an additional charge for ring resizing.


We accept all major debit and credit cards including Visa and MasterCard. You can place your order directly on our website or Visit our Store. Credit card payments can only be sent to your billing address. If you cannot send to this address, you will need to call and discuss.

For big purchases it might be safer and convenient to pay with a bank transfer. You do not need to enter your card details into the payment system for this. If you prefer to shop this way, follow the checkout process and select “Bank Transfer” from the payment options. Once we receive your order, we will send you all the details related to the transfer.

Please Note: Your order will not be processed until your bank has received your payment. For large orders, we may ask you to make a bank transfer for security reasons.

We accept PayPal and several major electronic payment providers. You can see what is available at checkout.
Please Note: Your order will not be processed until your bank has received your payment. For large orders, we may ask you to make a bank transfer for security reasons.

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Professional appraisals, also known as insurance appraisals, are available for all jewellery purchased at Premier Jewellers. This details all aspects of the jewellery along with the suggested retail price (SRP) for insurance purposes. Rest assured that your beautifully handcrafted diamond jewellery is covered by your preferred company’s insurance.

We strongly recommend that you insure your jewellery with a reputable insurance company. Even in the worst case, you can rest easy knowing that any trouble with your jewellery it can be replaced without too much hassle.